The “Artist Room Geisha Goldfish” is now ready

The Park Hotel Tokyo (Shiodome Media Tower), in December 2012, started the “Artist in Hotel” project where an artist decorates an entire guestroom.  The project is still in progress. By 2016, all the guestrooms on the 31st floor will be so decorated, and the “Artist Room Geisha Goldfish”, the 12th in the series, has now been completed.

“Artist in Hotel” is the hotel version of “Artist in Residence”. The artist himself stays in the hotel, absorbs the atmosphere of the hotel while partaking of its facilities and services, and fashions a hotel room into a work of art.  Inspired by the “Japanese sense of aesthetics”, the artist paints directly on the walls of the room as if it were a tapestry, and affixes original paintings and objects to the walls so that the entire room becomes a room with the artist’s view of the world.  These rooms, which evoke typical Japanese themes like “Sumo” and “Zen”, are primarily offered to overseas guests, and are highly appreciated.

The 12th room, “Geisha Goldfish”, was the motif chosen by the Japanese artist Aki Narita who began it on 30th July 2014, and completed it on 13th February 2015.

Ms. Narita says, “When I looked out of the window, I felt like I was inside an aquarium”.  In this project, she took up the challenge of painting the wallpaper in oil paints as if a guest room was an aquarium.  During 7 months, she painted red goldfish not only on the walls but also on the ceiling.  Bewitching goldfish playing in your room like they were floating in an aquarium, dressed like geishas.  The goldfish swimming freely here and there give you a strange feeling of floating.  She painted this thinking that in ancient times, a dream of being in a room surrounded by famous goldfish like lucky charms would bring good luck to the customers who stayed there.

The dream you will have here is like a suggestion of a parallel world, or a premonition.
I hope you dream a beautiful dream of “Geisha goldfish” in this Artist room.


[Artist Room Geisha Goldfish Outline]
Opening: 2nd March, 2015 (online and phone reservations accepted)
Room: Double occupancy, 22 square meters
Bed size: 1600 x 1950 mm
Rate: 35,000 yen per night for two persons (including taxes and service charges)
Reservation and other questions: +81-3-6252-1100
[Cooperation] Shinobazu gallery
[Producer] creative unit moon


Aki Narita Profile
She started out as an artist after meeting the art critic Yoshie Yoshida and others.  Since his twenties, she often interacted with great masters like Eikoh Hosoe, Yūtokutaishi Akiyama, Takashi Hiraga and Akirami Kudo, and raised the standard of art. Currently, he displays his works in private exhibitions, special exhibitions, and illustrations.


*As of 9th March, other artists are working on the 14th room, “Castle”.
*You are welcome to observe the work and do an interview while the room is being created.


Click here to download PDF version.

Artist Room Queen Geisha Goldfish
by Aki Narita
Artist Aki Narita
of Artist Room Queen Geisha Goldfish
Artist Room Queen Geisha Goldfish
Artist Room Queen Geisha Goldfish
Artist Room Queen Geisha Goldfish

The “Artist Room Geisha Goldfish” is now ready

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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