The “Artist Room Landscapes” is now ready

The Park Hotel Tokyo (Shiodome Media Tower), in December 2012, started the “Artist in Hotel” project where an artist decorates an entire guestroom.  The project is still in progress. By 2016, all the guestrooms on the 31st floor will be so decorated, and the “Artist Room Landscapes”, the 13th in the series, has now been completed.

“Artist in Hotel” is the hotel version of “Artist in Residence”. The artist himself stays in the hotel, absorbs the atmosphere of the hotel while partaking of its facilities and services, and fashions a hotel room into a work of art.  Inspired by the “Japanese sense of aesthetics”, the artist paints directly on the walls of the room as if it were a tapestry, and affixes original paintings and objects to the walls so that the entire room becomes a room with the artist’s view of the world.  These rooms, which evoke typical Japanese themes like “Sumo” and “Zen”, are primarily offered to overseas guests, and are highly appreciated.

The 13th room, “Landscapes”, was the motif chosen by the Japanese artist Junji Yamada who began it on 6th September 2014, and completed it on 1st March 2015.

Artist Mr.Yamada, took his inspiration from the fact that the countless buildings you can see from the room change their appearance depending on the time and the season, and are never the same at any one moment. This painting, which takes “The Folding Screen of Landscape with the Sun and Moon” at Kongoji Temple, Osaka, as its motif, is a landscape painting which changes and glimmers with the passage of time.*

On one wall, when viewed from afar, there are the lines of a mountain ridge; but if you look closely, there are countless animals living there.  Then there is a “spring wall” on which you can see cherry trees in the daylight, and an “autumn wall” which has the color of autumn leaves in the evening.  A pine forest at night covered in snow shines coldly, but the light of a summer morning dazzles everywhere.

This is a beautiful room like a folding screen painted with mountains and oceans, day and night, and spring, summer, autumn and winter.

We invite you to relax with the wall paintings in the “Artist Room of Landscapes”.


[Artist Room Landscapes Outline]
Opening: 18th March, 2015 (online and phone reservations accepted)
Room: Double occupancy, 22 square meters
Bed size: 1600 x 1950 mm
Rate: 35,000 yen per night for two persons (including taxes and service charges)
Reservation and other questions: +81-3-6252-1100
[Cooperation] Shinobazu gallery
[Producer] creative unit moon


【Artist Junji Yamada Profile】
Born in 1974 in Nagano, Japan
Graduated from the Graduate School of Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music.
Presently resides in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.
He is a contemporary artist who questions the very nature of painting itself with works which take a tremendous amount of time to complete.  He makes dioramas (3D models) of masterpieces (2D) such as “The Lady and the Unicorn” (Tokyo Station Gallery collection), Bosch, “Pleasure garden” (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art), Monet, “Water Lilies”, and Sesshu, “Autumn and Winter Landscapes”, and photographs them (2D).  He prints copper plates from the photos, and coats them with resin.  The results are then exhibited in a series entitled: “On Painting”.

*To create this room, the artist first penciled images on the walls which had been painted with an undercoat, and then colored parts of them with different colors.  The result is that the walls look completely different depending on the light.


Click here to download PDF version.

Artist Room Queen Landscapes
by Junji Yamada
Artist Junji Yamada
of Artist Room Queen Landscapes
Artist Room Queen Landscapes
Artist Room Queen Landscapes
Artist Room Queen Landscapes
Artist Room Queen Landscapes

The “Artist Room Landscapes” is now ready

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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