Artist Room Sumo

The Park hotel Tokyo, which marked its 10th anniversary in January 2013, is proud to announce the birth of a whole new category of guest room. From December 2012, in the first phase of the Artist in Hotel project, celebrated Japanese artist Hiroyuki Kimura began creating unique Japanese ink paintings directly on the walls of an Artist Room. Our guests will be invited to feel the sacred world of sumo where they can share the space with lively images of sumo wrestlers.

The Artist in Hotel project is designed for our guests to sense the artists’ spirit and world views more personally. In creating the Artist Rooms, artists are invited to turn hotel rooms into art galleries to display their works during their actual stay at the hotel. Once completed, the entire room then becomes part of the hotel’s art collection which conveys the artist’s expression of Japanese beauty. During your stay, you’ll feel the artist’s passion in every corner of the room.

[Outline of the Artist Room Sumo]

Work Period – Around one week during the period from December 1, 2012 to December 22, was given over to creation of the original work.
Room Reservations – Available online from February 2013.
Room Rate– 40,000 yen (taxes and service fees not included / Premium King Room for two).
A 10% discount is available for a two-day stay including complimentary breakfast.

The room can be viewed in detail on the official ART colours homepage of the Park Hotel Tokyo.


Artist in Hotel – Hiroyuki Kimura

[Cooperation] Hagurodo
[Producer] creative unit moon by KON-KON

Concept by Hiroyuki Kimura: A room where you can feel the glow of sumo wrestlers.
Sumo is a traditional Japanese art form, much more than just a sport. Moves and manners in sumo embody various meanings, such as appreciation of nature and a wish for prosperity of people.
I make sketches of the wrestlers’ daily exercise, and I even participated in a sumo bout for a deeper
understanding of the spirituality of sumo that was necessary for my paintings. In the Artist Room, I painted directly on the walls using black ink, and made terra cotta sculptures of sumo wrestlers to create a space that anybody can enjoy.
I hope you will take this opportunity to experience the sumo room which is a crystallization of Japanese culture.

Hiroyuki Kimura
Kimura was born in Tokyo in 1975. He won an award at the 12th Garyuzakura Japanese painting competition in 2001, and has exhibited his works at numerous exhibitions in Japan and abroad. He participated in the hotel’s spring project, ART Colours Vol.1 – Colours of Spring in Ink Exhibition, which earned praise from foreign guests.


For Members of the Media: Please do not hesitate to ask if you would like to view the room, or have a trial stay for your stories. We would invite you to stay up to two nights (for 1-2-persons).

The Park Hotel Tokyo, which opened on Sept. 1, 2003, is the first hotel in Tokyo to become a member of the Design Hotels brand headquartered in Berlin. The hotel aims to offer unique and creative services. It supports the ”Creative Tokyo” initiative, part of the ”Cool Japan Strategy Program” promoted by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry to spread Japanese culture around the world, and provides venues for creative events to revitalize Tokyo.


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Artist Room King Sumo
by Hiroyuki Kimura
Portrait of artist Hiroyuki Kimura
Artist Room King Sumo
Artist Hiroyuki Kimura, drawing on the wall
Artist Room King Sumo
Artist Room King Sumo
by Hiroyuki Kimura

Artist Room Sumo

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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