Artist Room Zen

The Park Hotel Tokyo (1-7-1 Higashi-Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) has completed its “Artist Room Zen” for hotel guests as the second in the series of its “Artist in Hotel” project that started last December. In the project, prominent Japanese artists decorate hotel rooms to present the entire room as an artwork.

The “Artist Room Zen” was produced by calligrapher Seihaku Akiba under the concept of “a room where people can find tranquility in an urban setting.” Akiba has written vigorous Japanese characters on the room walls as if he was performing “Iainuki,” the art of quickly drawing a sword. Also placed in the room are paulownia wood boxes which represent the four seasons, as well as tatami mats on which guests can sit and meditate, a practice of Zazen. Guests can experience the world of Zen, which influenced distinguished individuals like John Lennon and Steve Jobs, in the only such room in the world.

The Artist in Hotel project, in which artists work on these rooms while staying at the hotel and using the facilities as guests, turns these guest rooms into art collections where the creators’ passion and worldviews are encapsulated.


“Artist Room Zen” Outline
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Availability: From Aug. 1 (Thurs.), 2013 (Online and phone reservations accepted)
Room Rate: 40,000 yen per night for two persons (Taxes and mandatory service charges replacing voluntary tips will be added.)
Discount Service: 10% discount and free breakfast are available for guests staying for two nights.
Reservations and other questions: +81-3-6252-1100
[Cooperation] Hagurodo
[Producer] creative unit moon by KON-KON

Message from Seihaku Akiba

In today’s world, the concept of Zen attracts attention not only in Japan but also from people in other countries. People like John Lennon, John Cage and Steve Jobs are believed to have been deeply influenced by the Zen concept and other aspects of Japanese culture and spirituality. It is because Zen is not a thought or the way of thinking but possesses the power of waves that can reach deep space. I created this room for guests to understand the depth of Japanese tradition and spirituality. As soon as you set foot in the room, you will enter the world of Zen. Guests can divide the room space into two — motion and stillness — and try to feel the strength of mind, or gut power, in the “space of motion”, while feeling calmness of mind in the “space of stillness.” Guests can also practice Zazen on tatami mats. I truly hope that people can experience the world of Zen in this atmosphere in the world’s only such room.

Seihaku Akiba’s career highlights
2008 – Exhibited his works at the Art Fair Tokyo held at Tokyo International Forum
2008, 2010, 2012 – Opened solo exhibitions at 77 gallery
2012 – Exhibited his works at Art Colours vol. 3 “Fragrance of the Moon” exhibition at the Park
Hotel Tokyo
2013 – Held solo exhibitions at Sen Art Gallery and elsewhere

[For Media]
Please contact us freely for questions regarding preview of the Artist Rooms and a trial stay. Up to 2-night stay per company (1 to 2 persons) is available. Previews and trial stays of the Artist Room
Sumo, the first room in the series, are accepted as well.

The Park Hotel Tokyo, which opened on Sept. 1, 2003, is the first Tokyo member of Design Hotels brand headquartered in Berlin. The hotel aims to offer unique and creative services. It supports the “Creative Tokyo” initiative, part of the “Cool Japan Strategy Program” promoted by the Ministry of Economy,  trade and Industry to spread Japanese culture around the world, and provides venues for events to revitalize Tokyo.


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Artist Room King Zen
by Seihaku Akiba
Artist Seihaku Akiba, drawing on the wall
Artist Room King Zen
Artist Room King Zen
by Seihaku Akiba
Artist Room King Zen
by Seihaku Akiba
Artist Room King Zen
by Seihaku Akiba

Artist Room Zen

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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