ART colours Vol. 18 Eternity – The Ancient Fountains Nobuo Hashiba Exhibition

At the Park Hotel Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), the ART colours Exhibitions are held quarterly for the guests from overseas to enjoy the Japanese aesthetics of the four seasons, and as its 18th exhibition, Eternity – The Ancient Fountains, Nobuo Hashiba Exhibition will be held from Monday, September 19, 2016 to Sunday, December 4, 2016.

Due to its ideal location with excellent access between both Haneda and Narita international airport, and its spectacular view behind the Reception counter on the 25th floor of Tokyo’s iconic symbol “Tokyo Tower” and the most famous mountain of Japan, “Mt. Fuji”, the Park Hotel Tokyo has a high proportion of foreign guests, with that figure surpassing 85% in July 2016. With the increasing number of foreigners visiting Japan, we anticipate that our proportion of foreign guests will continue to increase as well. In order to enable foreign guests to enjoy Japanese aesthetics distinctive of the Park Hotel Tokyo, we are creating spaces throughout the hotel that take art into consideration, and especially among them, the Artist Rooms* have earned a highly favorable reception for the works painted directly onto the guest room walls as though they were a canvas.

As a part of the ART colours project, Eternity – The Ancient Fountains, Nobuo Hashiba Exhibition, which the inspiration is taken from the Park Hotel Tokyo’s concept “Infinite time and space amid cognizant Japanese beauty”, will take place in the entire lounge on the 25th floor.

Among the works produced by artists, there may be some collective memories which have accumulated in the psyche since ancient times, whether the artists themselves noticed them or not. Perhaps these excellent artworks with their raw appeal, and this season which is called the autumn of art, have the mysterious power to revive the ancient memories in ourselves.

In this exhibition in the ART colours series which presents art in each of Japan’s four seasons, we feature works by artist Nobuo Hashiba, as well as other works by modern artists displayed throughout the Atrium which evoke the atmosphere of ancient times. In the open ceiling space, while you look at the works, you can also enjoy special dessert and cocktail imaginatively crafted to complement them. We hope this exhibition, which is perfect for autumn, the harvest season with its famous mid-autumn moon, will please both your eyes and your palate.

The Park Hotel Tokyo will continue to present our guests with the aesthetics of Japan in many forms, in the hope that foreign guests will develop some understanding of Japanese culture and be able to enjoy Japanese aesthetics.

■ ART colours Vol. 18 Eternity – The Ancient Fountains Nobuo Hashiba Exhibition ■

【Period】 Monday, September 19, 2016 ~ Sunday, December 4, 2016
【Time】 Open daily / 11:30 ~ 22:00
【Location】 ART Lounge, Park Hotel Tokyo (25F) 【Fare】 Admission Free
【Exhibiting Artists】 Main Artist: Nobuo Hashiba Objects: Masuo Ikeda, Yuichi Noda, Taido Ishida
【Cooperation】 Shinobazu Gallery
【Video Production】 antymark annex
【Produced by】 creative unit moon

■ ART colours by hotel’s culinary artists ■
※ Price include 10% service charge & consumption tax
Period: Monday, September 19, 2016 ~ Sunday, December 4, 2016

ART Lounge (25F)
Dessert: “Apple Tart – Autumn Sunset”
Price: Tea time 14:30 ~ 17:30 JPY 1,800 (served with coffee)
Dinner time 17:30 ~ 22:00 JPY 1,200

Japanese Dessert: “The Moment”
Created by Japanese Wagashi Artist Shiho Sakamoto
* Served as one of desserts in Afternoon Tea

Bar The Society (25F)
Cocktail: “on the Zen circle”
Chief Cocktail Designer Takayuki Suzuki
Price: JPY 1,600

[Exhibiting Artists]

◆ Nobuo Hashiba
1950 Born in Tokyo
Studied at the Atelier Yankel of the École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris in 1978, and while there became friends with painter Robert Coutelas. Due to the impact of seeing the mural paintings at Lascaux Cave as a student such as “hand stencil mural paintings made by blowing pigment from the mouth over a hand held against the wall” and “picture of a cow where the shape of the cow was seen in the rock face”, he had abandoned representational oil painting, and started to produce works that pursue the “origin of painting”.
Like the unknown ancient artist who painted the murals of Lascaux Cave 15,000 years ago, Nobuo Hashiba’s sophisticated abstract pictorial art expands the image by painting out from a point or a line on the canvas and is sublimated with a modern perspective.

◆ Masuo Ikeda 1934 ~ 1997
1965 Private Exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art, New York
1966 Awarded the International Grand Prix in the Prints Section of the Venice Biennale
1995 Exhibited Nippon International Contemporary Art Fair (NICAF1995)
Introduced Kamigami no Utsuwa (Gods’ Dishes) displayed in this exhibition for the first time.
1997 Passed away.
Ikeda Masuo Art Museum opened in Matsushiro, Nagano Prefecture.

◆ Yuichi Noda 1955 ~
Assistant Professor at Toyama City Institute of Glass Art
Director of Toyama Glass Art Institute
Artworks from series “Space Egg”, created as prize for Koichi Tanaka, a Novel Prize winner from Toyama City, will be displayed in this exhibition.
Glass objects which enclose air bubbles emerges space-like patterns, and are highly acclaimed internationally.

◆ Taido Ishida
1968 ~1993 Graduated Tsukuba University (B.F.A., Painting)
Currently, strives for a drawings and objects that is made by the action of the weather.
Objects which resonate with artworks by Nobuo Hashiba will be displayed in this exhibition.

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Projection image at Eternity
The Ancient Fountains Nobuo Hashiba Exhibition
Apple Tart
Autumn Sunset at ART Lounge
The Moment
Japanese dessert available in Afternoon Tea
on the Zen circle
at The Society

ART colours Vol. 18 Eternity – The Ancient Fountains Nobuo Hashiba Exhibition

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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