ART colours Vol. 32 Spring Exhibition Spring Breeze -Spring has come-

Park Hotel Tokyo announced on December 17 that it will hold an art exhibition titled “Spring Breeze -Spring has come-” from March 24 to June 7, 2020.

Park Hotel Tokyo welcomes our guests with the form of “arrangement”, one of Japan’s aesthetic values, expressed through the medium of art. “ART colours”, a series of art exhibitions representing the four seasons of Japan, is held as a part of this initiative. In this 32nd exhibition, three-dimensional works of young artists active both in Japan and overseas will be exhibited under the theme of “Spring Breeze”.

From ancient time, Japanese have felt the arrival of spring by the breeze, and the landscapes change colorfully. In the exhibition, a wide range of spring patterns will be exhibited, from installations to paintings.
During the exhibition period, guests can enjoy special dinner course at ART Lounge, and an original cocktail at the bar The Society, which complement works on exhibit. In the evening, powerful images with a motif of exhibited works will be projected on the 30-meter-high wall.

Park Hotel Tokyo General Manager Takayuki Suzuki said:
“For Japanese people, spring is a time when spirits soar. Many people love going to view the cherry blossoms. When the petals fall, fresh greenery appears, and life force awakens. Please enjoy Japan’s spring scenery through these artworks.”

Park Hotel Tokyo Art Project Director Yoshitomo Fujikawa said:
“This exhibition has been curated with a focus on three-dimensional works. These pieces reflect the new smell of life and atmosphere brought by the spring wind. Hope this exhibition will bring you both a deep peace, and a subtle thrill.”

Please enjoy various signs of spring through works created by various artists at the Park Hotel Tokyo.


[ ART colours Vol. 32 Spring Exhibition Spring Breeze -Spring has come- ]

Date: March 24 (Mon.) – June 7 (Sun.), 2020
Time: 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Place: Lobby (25F) & Artist Floor (31F), Park Hotel Tokyo


Mt. Mimawashiyama Spring
by Kunihiko NOHARA
Bag Man
by Yurika ISHIYAMA
by Kunihiko NOHARA

ART colours Vol. 32 Spring Exhibition Spring Breeze -Spring has come-

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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