Corridor Gallery 29/32

Paralym Art Museum Exhibition

In collaboration with Shogaisha Jiritsu Suishin Kikou Association Introducing Paralym Art (hereafter referred to as Paralym Art), the “Paralym Art Museum Exhibition” will be on permanent display on the 29th and 32nd floor as part of our social contribution activities.

Park Hotel Tokyo is a place based on art, in an environment that welcomes not only domestic but also foreign visitors as our hotel guests, continuously providing a venue for artists to share their activities and disseminating it to people inside and outside the country. We would be delighted to support an environment where deep interact can be created as well as various encounters.

Exhibition artworks are prize-winning of the Paralym Art World Cup 2018 and SOMPO Paralym Art Cup, where people with disabilities from around the world show off their artistic talents. (The exhibition artworks are scheduled to change occasionally)

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About Paralym Art
Paralym Art is a social business certified by “beyond2020” program, which gives logo marks to cultural programs that contribute to the creation of legacy that is proud of the next generation, making full use of the regional rich and diverse cultures. Dedicated to creating a world where those with disabilities can achieve their dreams through art, Paralym Art teams up with disabled artists to foster the self-sufficiency of people with disabilities with the support of businesses and individuals, independent of social welfare.

About Paralym Art World Cup
The Paralym Art World Cup is a contest like no other,where people with disabilities from around the world come together to show off their artistic talents.
In preparation for the Tokyo Olympic/ Paralympic Games in 2020,we will set a different theme for each year for the artworks submitted from all across the globe.

About SOMPO Paralym Art Cup
With Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Insurance Inc. as the main sponsor, the SOMPO ParalymArt Cup invites people with disabilities from all over Japan to submit their artwork based on the theme of sports.

Paralym Art Museum Exhibition

Time:11:00 ~ 17:00

Place:Corridor Gallery 29/32 (Park Hotel Tokyo 29F/32F)

Collaborated with: Shogaisha Jiritsu Suishin Kikou Association Introducing Paralym Art

Organized by: Park Hotel Tokyo

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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