Corridor Gallery 34

Photography Artist - MIKIHIKO KYOBASHI Photographic Artwork Exhibition

An exhibition of photographic artworks by Mikihiko Kyobashi, a photographer who lives with and continues to take photographs of the oceans. The transition of his past works will be on display, along with his “Seiha” works selected for the sliding door paintings of a Zen temple in Kyoto in 2021.
Numerous photographs by a photographer who continues to press the shutter in a life-threatening realm where people cannot enter with ease will be presented, capturing a mysterious world that no one has ever seen.

Photography Artist – MIKIHIKO KYOBASHI Photographic Artwork Exhibition
20 years of journey, the challenge never ends.

Date: November 3 (Wed.) – December 11 (Sun.), 2022
Place: Corridor Gallery 34, Park Hotel Tokyo (34F)
Fare: Admission Free


Born 1969 in Chigasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Traveling throughout the world’s oceans, he enters the waves chanting a prayer, without oxygen cylinders or other equipment, using only his fins. He lives with and continues to take photographs of the oceans in a life-threatening realm. His works have received numerous compliments, awarded the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology Award of the Republic of Latvia. His “Blue Works,” which no one has ever seen, has been highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad, including being chosen for an advertisement by the Swiss watch brand Longines. Since then, he has exhibited his works in New York, Munich, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Rome, etc., winning a growing number of fans through fine art exhibitions and solo exhibitions. His photography book “Blue Forest”, published in 2016, was accepted as a dedication to Ise Shrine. In 2021, he collaborated with a Zen temple in Kyoto to create a 14-meter-long “Blue Wave Sliding Door”, and he is expanding his field of activity. He continues to take photographs while advocating the protection of the global environment (SDGs) to preserve the “blue oasis” which we must hand down to future generations.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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