Corridor Gallery 34

An exhibition space in a corridor which is patterned after an art gallery and set on floor 34, the hotel’s top floor.
“Corridor Gallery 34” changes its art pieces every few months. Art is mainly provided by Japanese artists from a wide array of backgrounds. Not tethered to any single genre, everything from the work of promising up-and-coming artists and Japanese paintings to modern art to ceramics is displayed. While the number of pieces can fluctuate depending on the exhibit, 20 to 30 pieces are always on display.

◆Winter 2020◆
Yoshitaka Nishikawa “Quiet Inside” Exhibition

We are pleased to announce the exhibition “Quiet Inside” by Yoshitaka Nishikawa who is the artist of our Artist Room “Bamboo” for the Artist in Hotel project at Park Hotel Tokyo.

Message from Artist:
The exhibition was named after the title of the song by Andy Tubman.
I take this as the silence, the inner stillness, when you are facing yourself. You can’t realize that stillness unless you are aware of it, but as soon as you are aware of it, it disappears from you, and you can’t easily experience that stillness. But when you find that stillness in an animal, a flower, or another person, you feel like you can also empathize and share that stillness.
Along with the awareness of the artworks, the time spent in the special space called the hotel is also a special time for me, “Quiet Inside”.

Corridor Gallery 34 : Yoshitaka Nishikawa “Quiet Inside” Exhibition
Date:December 2, 2020 (Wed.) ~ March 3, 2021 (Wed.)
Time:11:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
Place:Corridor Gallery 34, Park Hotel Tokyo (34F)



◆Next Exhibition
Mar.6 – May 5, 2021 Heartwarming Phrases of Japan × Modern Art Vol.2“INSPI”

“Inspi”exhibits the works inspired by Japanese traditional phrases,
Done by artists of “これやん“pronounced KoReYan.

See below for participating artists <External website: Japanese>


Exhibitions at Corridor Gallery 34

Aug. 3 – Sep. 29, 2020 Yoko Naito Art Exhibition -Impulse of Chaka Tribes-
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Mar. 27 – Jul. 31, 2020 C-DEPOT selection
Feb. 17 – Mar. 24, 2020 Heartwarming Phrases of Japan × Modern Art “INSPI”
Jan. 10 – Feb. 14, 2020 Kenji Fujii “Nothingness” Exhibition
Nov. 19, 2019 – Jan. 7, 2020 The Heart Reflected in Pilgrimage~The Happiness of Peace in Nagasaki
Oct. 17 – Nov. 16, 2019  Macchine da assedio – Koujo Tsukino Kage Miyu – Photo Exhibition
Sep. 3  – Oct. 14, 2019  C-DEPOT abstraction Exhibition
Apr. 2 – Jun. 2, 2019   POCKO PARK NOWHERE

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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