B2F Elevator Hall “HAZAMA”

By OZ-Yamaguchi Keisuke

The “Artist in Hotel” project is Park Hotel Tokyo’s version of “Artist in Residence” programs, whereby Japanese artists stay at the hotel and paint on walls and ceilings in guest rooms based on the concept “beauty of Japan.” In 2017, the project was honored at the Japan Tourism Awards.
As an extra production of “Artist in Hotel” project, new paintings is created at the hotel entrance which is an important space that welcome guests into the Park Hotel Tokyo, the elevator hall on the B2F. Artist OZ-Yamaguchi Keisuke, who created Artist Room Kabuki in the “Artist in Hotel” project, have painted under the theme of “HAZAMA (interstitial space).” The elevator hall is now a space between everyday life and an art hotel with the concept “beauty of Japan,” and leads all guests to once-in-a-lifetime experiences at Park Hotel Tokyo.


Staff recommendation comment

“HAZAMA” is neither an Artist Room nor a standard elevator hall. It is an elevator hall that is dimly lit, to enhance the splashes of gold paint on the walls.
“HAZAMA” was created by OZ-Yamaguchi Keisuke, the artist who created Artist Room King Kabuki. He was inspired by the Japanese word “roji” when creating this space. In Japan, “roji” is a garden which leads to the ceremonial tearoom, which is highly valued in “sado,” the Japanese Tea Ceremony culture. The tea room is considered a sacred place, and the “roji” is a place for people to prepare their minds and spirits before entering the tea room. Of course, there is no need for our guests to mentally prepare themselves for the hotel, however like the “roji” of the tea room, the passage from the “everyday” outside world to our hotel should also be a source for a new, fresh and “extraordinary” experience. We hope that Park Hotel Tokyo, where we offer superb hospitality, will also feel like the highly valued Tea Ceremony. Art brings a greater and deeper understanding of one’s surroundings and culture, and we hope that you please come to our “tea ceremony room”.

Room #B2F Elevator Hall  |  Completion Date: December 2018

Artist's Message

We live our lives, conscious of the potential of “HAZAMA (interstitial space)”.
The existence of “HAZAMA” which lie dormant within the universe – in relation to nature, in relation to people, in relation to time, in relation to spaces – enrich our senses.

In the depths of the lines and forms drawn in this alley, do “HAZAMA” exist?

In the “HAZAMA” and beyond between usual and extraordinary life, there awaits a dimension of “Infinite time and space amid cognizant Japanese beauty”.

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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