No. 10 by Yoshitaka Nishikawa

The 10th room, “Bamboo”, was the motif chosen by the Japanese artist Yoshitaka Nishikawa who began it on 30th July, and completed it on 19th October, 2014.
When you enter the room, the first thing you’ll notice is the fresh green color. Then the bamboo trees stretching straight up to the sky, making you feel just as if you were going deeper and deeper into a bamboo forest. Nishikawa said: “I wanted people who were tired of the bustle of city life to be able to really relax in this room”. The room was designed with various situations in mind, such as the view when a guest stands at the corner of the window, or the view when lying down on the bed. The artist changed his materials and colors depending on the position in the room, and coordinated the whole space while keeping it simple. The painting is a tranquil summer green. We do hope you will come and stay in the “Bamboo Artist’s Room”.

Room #3116  |  Completion Date: October 2014

Artist's Message

The relationship between Japanese people and bamboo goes back a long way, and bamboo is loved by people all over Japan as something very dear to them. Bamboo is flexible, yet strong.
It’s slender, and stretches up straight towards the sky, a symbol of spirituality characteristic of the Japanese people.
I painted this imagining a refreshing breeze blowing through the room.

Yoshitaka Nishikawa

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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