No. 15 by Yoko Naito

Hope that the carp will also be lucky for those who stay in this room

The 15th room, “Carp”, was the motif chosen by the Japanese artist Yoko Naito who began it on 25th March 2015, and completed it on 17th April 2015.
Artist Ms. Naito says she felt “the majestic swimming figure of the carp embodies the universal wish for improvement, progress, and prosperity”. From ancient times, the “carp” was regarded as an auspicious fish, and was vividly painted using various raw materials and techniques, such as collage with oil paints, acrylic paints, sumi (Japanese ink), and Japanese paper. At the entrance to the room and beside the window, he painted bengala (red iron oxide pigment), a traditional material used for shrines and Buddhist temples, so that overseas visitors can feel “Japan”.
Next to the bed, there is the main mural, that of a boy who rides and plays on the back of a carp. Beyond, through the craggy rocks, a carp is trying to swim up a waterfall. The “carp” is a lucky symbol for people who wish the growth of their children and themselves. The artist hopes that the carp will also be lucky for those who stay in this room.
We invite you to relax with the wall paintings in the “Artist Room Carp”.

Room #3126  |  Completion Date: April 2015

Artist's Message

In Japan, the “carp” has been revered since ancient times as a lucky fish. This seems to come from the Chinese story where “a carp swam up a waterfall to become a dragon”. The “carp” has been adored for a wide variety of reasons, from the Boys’ Festival where it symbolizes the healthy growth of children, to “success in life”, such as wild designs on tattoos and “decoration trucks”. I felt that the majestic way it swims expressed the universal desire for improvement, progress and prosperity.

The “carp” is a lucky item for all who desire the health of their children, and themselves.I hope you will feel at home in this room with this auspicious decor.

Yoko Naito

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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