“Artist Floor” Completed at Park Hotel Tokyo

artists who painted on walls and ceilings while staying at the hotel, based on the concept “Beauty of Japan.”

Park Hotel Tokyo started a project in December 2012 in which an artist decorates an entire room. With 31 different artists decorating as many rooms with themes such as “sumo” and “zen,” turning the floor into the full-fledged “Artist Floor.”

Between August 7 and 27, three Artist Rooms will be open to the public every day. Not only staying guests but also visitors are welcome to visit the rooms.

General Manager Yoshiaki Hayashi said:
“We have completed the ‘Artist Floor’ where each Artist Room expresses different ‘Beauty of Japan’ through the eyes of each artist. We hope that guests will enjoy discovering different beauty of Japan expressed by different artists.”

Hotel Manager Atsushi Ono said:
“We are proud to announce that all 31 Artist Rooms are finally complete, each encapsulating Japanese beauty. We guarantee that guests will experience an exciting stay surrounded by powerful art in the Artist Rooms.”

Park Hotel Tokyo hopes that guests will enjoy “Beauty of Japan” created by these artists.

Click here to download PDF version.

Artist Room En
by Mariko Kobayashi
Artist Room Mount Fuji
by Shiki Taira

“Artist Floor” Completed at Park Hotel Tokyo

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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