The “Artist Room Haiku” is now completed

The Park Hotel Tokyo (Tokyo, Japan), in December 2012, started the “Artist in Hotel” project where an artist decorates an entire guestroom. The project is still in progress. By 2016, all the guestrooms on the 31st floor will be so decorated, and the “Artist Room Haiku”, the 23rd in the series, has now been completed.

At the Park Hotel Tokyo, in our efforts to enhance the satisfaction of our overseas guests whose numbers are increasing, we are creating a space on the theme of Japanese beauty. As part of this effort, the 23rd Artist Room on the theme of “Haiku” was started on May 14, 2016 by Rieko Fujinami, an artist who lives in the United States, continued the work for about 2 month while staying at the hotel, and completed it on July 11, 2016.

Haiku, a short poetry form using words that whisper, capturing the moment and crystallize eternity within a short passage, have traveled far beyond its origins in Japan. “I hope that in this space the haikus that guests have in their hearts will spring to mind as naturally as breathing, regardless of language or cultural differences”, says Fujinami. She created a world of haiku where, rather than thoughts or emotions, expressing an instantaneous observation of the subtleties of nature, using seventeen syllables in Japanese, divided into three lines of five, seven, and five.

As the first for an Artist Room, it is decorated with moving images and sound effects. Projected on the wall are carps swimming in a pond, and against a beautiful, magical and ambient sound, the colors of the image change, creating a flowing effect. The bed is surrounded by drawings of lotus, and when you lie on your back and look up, you will see a jet-black Milky Way on the ceiling. Beside the window is the silver moon and a line from Basho’s haiku, “tsuki zo shirube / konata e irase / tabi no yado”. Explore a poet’s feeling and delight creating a line or two of haikus, in the middle of nature at the Artist Room Haiku, located on the 31st floor of a high-rise building.

Enjoy the world of Haiku observing the transient movements of light and shadow in the Artist Room Haiku.

[ Artist Room Haiku Outline ]
Opening: July 22, 2016 (online and phone reservations accepted)
Room: Artist Room Single (single occupancy), 19square meters
Bed size:1,400 × 1,950 mm
Rate: 35,000 yen per night (including taxes and service charge)
Reservation and inquiry: +81 (0)3-6252-1100
Cooperation: Shinobazu Gallery
Producer: creative unit moon

[ Profile of Rieko Fujinami ]
1984 Graduated Tokyo Zokei University
1986 Graduated M.F.A., Tama University
Since 2003, live in Beacon, NY.
Create artworks using various methods such as painting, drawing, digital imaging, fresco secco, combined technique, etc.

《Selected Solo Exhibitions since 2004》
Shinobazu Gallery, Tokyo, Japan (2004, 06, 08, 09, 13, 16) / LoRiver ARTS Gallery,NY (2004,05) / Forum Gallery, NY(2009) / Gallery 66NY, Cold Spring, NY (2014) etc.

《Selected Group Exhibitions & Prizes》
1990 Kanagawa Modern Art Museum, Purchase Prize
1998 Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs, Best Art of the Year Selection
2007 New York Foundation for the Arts, NYFA Fellowship Award
2009-10 The horizon of 12 Artists Japan Railway Company Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2014 “Takashimaya Reverie Museum”, Takashimaya Dept. / “WHITE SUMMER”, Atrium, Park Hotel Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan / “究竟—KYU-KYO”, Brill Gallery, Eclipse Mill, MA / “Outwin Boochever Portrait Competition”, Finalist, National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC

《Art Fairs》
ART FAIR TOKYO / ART OSAKA / ART NAGOYA / Asia Top Gallery Hotel Art Fair etc.

《Public Collection》
Tokyo Station Gallery / Kanagawa Prefectural Museum of Modern Art / The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo / Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs / Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art (Israel)

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Artist Room Single Haiku
by Rieko Fujinami
Portrait of artist, Rieko Fujinami
Artist Room Single Haiku
Artist Rieko Fujinami, decorating the ceiling
Artist Room Single Haiku
Artist Rieko Fujinami, drawing on the wall
Artist Room Single Haiku
Artist Room Single Haiku
by Rieko Fujinami
Artist Room Single Haiku
by Rieko Fujinami

The “Artist Room Haiku” is now completed

“Infinite Time and Space Amid Cognizant Japanese Beauty”

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